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No matter how well we lead our lives we don’t seem to feel as good as we like. The feeling of tiredness, foggy mind and lethargy is constantly nagging. We take supplements, eat well, exercise and try to sleep a full night, yet there is still a cloud. You are not alone. What you don’t know is how much your genetic makeup is playing a role in how you feel. At Genetic Health and Wellness we start by analyzing your genes and performing a comprehensive examination. Then Dr. Melamed will customize a personal roadmap that is tailored to your specific genetic needs. We take all the guessing out of your life and replace it with a more positive and energized lifestyle – mind – body – spirit.

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Genetic Evaluation
Genetic Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation of your Genetic traits, including risk analysis.

Whole Body Examination
Whole Body Examination

Appropriate physical examination including blood, urine and stool testing

Health Guidance Management
Health Guidance & Management

Genetic evaluation and whole body examination is used to guide your health management for disease aviodance

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Dr. David P Melamed

Dr. David P Melamed

Dr. David P Melamed, a leader in health and body rejuvenation is proud to guide you with healthy living based on your genetic needs. Your health is based on a combination of healthy living, nutrition, and lifestyle that are best for you as an individual. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need care that is custom delivered to your genetic needs.