Do you provide medical care?

Yes. Dr. Melamed provides care targeted to your personal genetics. Although Dr. Melamed is not a primary care provider, he will perform a complete evaluation and presenting you with all your care options (specific to your body and genetics).

What is involved in the initial appointment?

A comprehensive medical history and physical examination, including a full genetic profile and comprehensive blood examination.

What should I expect after the initial appointment?

As the genetic and test results are completed, Dr. Melamed will address each genetic vulnerability. In many cases this will identify symptoms of chronic illness that have been untreated. The doctor will begin a tailored treatment program.

What is the genetic test and how do I take this?

The genetics testing is a one time test that takes approximately 6-8 weeks for processing.

What is the cost of the evaluation and treatment program?

The cost is a flat-rate rate not disclosed on the website. Please make an appointment for a complete explanation.

The cost includes a comprehensive 20-hour case review by Dr. Melamed, including your main health issues, blood tests, previous medical records and testing, and genetic testing results.

Will Dr. Melamed treat chronic disease?

Yes. However the goal is to avoid disease by circumventing your genetic vulnerabilities. If disease is already present, then the most appropriate treatment is implemented. If disease is not present, the lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements are used for optimal health.

Does Dr. Melamed accept health insurance?

No. However we will fill the necessary paperwork that you can submit to your PPO-based insurance. The HMO and most EPO insurance programs will not pay for these services.

Do I need to do any testing prior to my first visit?

No. Dr. Melamed will perform all necessary testing. However you should provide us with all your previous medical records. Common blood tests include:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Thyroid Hormones (TSH, T4, T3)
  • VAP Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)
  • Prostate Levels (PSA) for men
  • Iron levels and ferritin
  • C Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Sex Hormones: Estrogen, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, etc. based on gender
  • Vitamins D, B12, Folate
  • Heavy metals including mercury, copper, zinc

Will I need supplements or medications?

Maybe. Dr. Melamed can answer question only after your examination and lab tests.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

Most likely. Most people live a lifestyle they are accustomed to instead of a lifestyle that is right for their genetic health. An appropriate diet and healthy lifestyle is essential for good health and longevity. If you have chronic issues (complaints) then great consideration will go into your smoking, alcohol or eating habits. This process will require changes in your lifestyle.